Laughing Gas Children's Dentistry
Aspen Trails Dental in Sherwood Park Alberta is committed to safely administering laughing gas ( Nitrous oxide) to your children. We offer same day appointments with competitive prices.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Frequently Asked Questions

What is laughing gas?

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used in dentistry reduce mild anxiety and gagging in children and make long appointments easier.  The child breathes the gas through a mask placed on his or her nose and remains fully conscious and responsive throughout treatment. Recovery after treatment is rapid and complete.

How safe is laughing gas?

When delivered by trained professionals, laughing gas is one of the safest sedatives in dentistry.  Laughing gas is non-addictive, non-allergenic and very well tolerated.  The effects of laughing gas wear off within minutes of removal.

What other information do I need?

It is recommended that your child doesn't eat or drink for 6 hrs prior to nitrous oxide administration.  For this reason, we recommend early morning appointments.

Let your doctor know if your child had any medication the morning of the treatment.

My child has severe anxiety or extreme dental phobia, will laughing gas work?

Unfortunately, laughing gas works best with mild to moderate anxiety levels.  With some coaching from the Dentist and staff we may be able to treat your child or we may need to consider general anesthetic.