Treatment FAQs

I've just had freezing done. How long can I expect it to last?

Everyone is different with how his or her bodies process the anesthetic. Freezing can last as little as 30 minutes to as long as 8 hours. Typically freezing will last a couple hours after the procedure is done.

I've just had a filling done. Will my tooth be sensitive or sore after the freezing comes out?

This depends on how close the decay got to the nerve and how involved the repair process was. Normally, the gums and the tooth can be sore for up to a couple of days following a filling. It is important to contact our office if there is sensitivity that persists longer than a couple days.

I've just had a tooth removed. What can I expect during the healing process?

When a tooth is removed, a clot forms in the tooth socket. Initially this clot looks red, and then darker red (almost black looking) as the blood dries. After a few days a white fibrin clot begins to form. The gums around the wound will get inflamed over the next couple of days peaking on the second day following the extraction. This inflammation should begin to subside by the third day. This is all normal healing.

Common complications include (but not limited to):

  • Infection – soreness and inflammation increasing after the third day.
  • Dry socket – pain (usually sudden onset) occurring after the wound starts feeling better. The clot has been pulled out (leaving a hole).

I've just had a root canal. What can I expect after it's completed?

When performing a root canal, your dentist uses a small file to clean out the root canal system. This file can sometimes irritate the tissue outside the tip of the root, which can cause some sensitivity in the few days following a root canal. This will usually get progressively better, but the soreness will usually peak two days after the procedure is performed. Most people, however, do not experience this complication.

Keep in mind that a filling was also completed on this tooth and sensitivity can be caused by a filling that is built up too big (i.e. a high filling).

Insurance FAQs

Do you direct bill my insurance company (i.e. submit a claim to my insurance company on my behalf)?

Yes. This is a service that we provide to our patients free of charge.

How else does Aspen Trails Dental help me with my insurance?

No one likes surprises. We do our best to find out what your plan will cover. Sometimes, however, insurance companies will not give us your plan breakdown for privacy reasons. If this occurs then you can call the insurance company and ask them for your plan breakdown using this sheet. After you obtain the information you can scan and email or phone the information to us. We will then store it in your chart and help you to keep track of it. At Aspen Trails Dental we do not make any treatment recommendations based on your insurance coverage. Treatment is recommended based on your clinical needs. We will make the recommendations then investigate your insurance coverage so that there are no surprises.